Lime 7.4.0 and OpenFL 8.9.1


Hey guys! New versions of Lime and OpenFL are now available

Lime 7.4.0 (05/14/2019)

  • Renamed the “ndll” folder to “lib”
  • Updated SDL to latest development version
  • Updated the minimum target Android API from 14 to 16
  • Added support for CMYK JPEG decoding on native platforms
  • Added an -npm option for HTML5 to use Webpack
  • Added “hashlink” as an alias for the HL target
  • Improved the Zlib default compression level
  • Improved support for WinRT applications
  • Improved the internal blur implementation
  • Improved support for native joystick connection/disconnection
  • Improved the output HTML5 script wrapper with better Haxe 3.2 support
  • Fixed the values in lime.ui.MouseButton to match Lime’s historic values (zero based)
  • Fixed issues effecting proper Image pixel-level APIs when targeting HL
  • Fixed a missing button value when dispatching HL mouse events

OpenFL 8.9.1 (05/14/2019)

  • Updated to Lime 7.4.*
  • Added initial support for custom base classes from SWF resources
  • Improved Video to allow cross-origin requests when targeting HTML5
  • Improved support for indexed PNG images generated from SWF resources
  • Improved the scroll behavior in input TextField instances
  • Fixed a layout issue when combing wordWrap and autoSize in TextField
  • Fixed a possible crash when initializing SWFLite instances
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop issue in TextField
  • Fixed the behavior of textFormat.url when the url is unset


:joy: Shouldn’t Lime be 7.5.0?



And en error is following. :rofl:



We accidentally released as Lime 7.5.0, which caused a warning on OpenFL 8.9.1.

Lime 7.5.0 should be the same as Lime 7.4.0 and I updated OpenFL 8.9.1 to remove the warning – run haxelib remove openfl 8.9.1 then haxelib install openfl to get the version that allows for Lime 7.5 without a warning



Hey @singmajesty, I’m not able to run on the AIR target anymore as of lime 7.4.0 w/ OpenFL 8.9.*. I get an error from AIRApplication.hx that reads:

[Fault] exception, information=TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter idleMode must be non-null.


Can you try this yourself to confirm? It’s very easy to reproduce, just openfl test air any flash project, even something simple with nothing on the screen. I think this is specifically a lime issue but I could use a second pair of eyes



@cleod9 This has been fixed on the dev branch:



Ah, thanks so much! Looks like that’ll do the trick