Lime 7.1.1 Released (10/02)

Hey guys,

Missed the announcement for the Lime 7.1 and 7.1.1 releases, sorry about that!

Solid stability improvements and fixes for newer Xcode/Haxe 4 releases included :slight_smile:

7.1.1 (10/02/2018)

  • Improved the timing on native HTTPRequest to process more quickly
  • Improved handling of haxe.Timer to pause and resume when the application suspends
  • Fixed lime rebuild mac using Xcode 10 (disabled 32-bit rebuilds by default)
  • Fixed an issue in the newer howler.js library regarding IE support
  • Fixed a regression in older desktop CPU support
  • Fixed an issue when using larger than 64-bit background color values on Flash
  • Fixed context.antialiasing setting on HTML5 Window

7.1.0 (09/26/2018)

  • Updated Harfbuzz to 1.8.8
  • Updated OpenAL to 1.19.0
  • Updated howler.js to 2.0.15
  • Updated build configuration of pixman to better support each platform
  • Added application.meta.version to the default application template
  • Added support for <undefine name="" /> for undefining values
  • Added support for <window title="" /> in project.xml
  • Renamed cairo.operator to cairo.setOperator/getOperator on Haxe 4 builds
  • Updated lime.text.Font to allow for changes to the font metric meta values
  • Removed -Ddisplay on lime display output for better cached compilation
  • Removed prefixes on imageSmoothingEnabled internally to remove HTML5 warnings
  • Improved use of howler.js to enable sound position
  • Improved HTML5 support for certain MP3 audio files
  • Improved Image.loadFromBase64/Image.fromBase64 to work on non-HTML5 platforms
  • Fixed a possible error when processing directories ending in “.bundle”
  • Fixed an issue where multiple HTTPRequest instances on native could hang
  • Fixed support for <library type="zip" /> as an alias for type “deflate”
  • Fixed minor issues in TextField when working with non-UTF8 String values
  • Fixed use of specific iOS target devices in the AIR project template
  • Fixed an exception caused in garbage collection for cURL requests
  • Fixed an issue when using window.readPixels on HTML5
  • Fixed possible exceptions when working with Harfbuzz languages
  • Fixed a minor encoding issue in image.encode (BMP)
  • Fixed setting of window.parameters using WindowAttributes on creation
  • Fixed default use of Visual Studio Community when older versions are installed
  • Fixed an exception when checking locale on certain iOS devices
  • Fixed compiler errors when using webgl2.texImage2D with certain parameters
  • Fixed use of WebGL 2, when available, as the default context on HTML5
  • Fixed support for -static native builds for Windows
  • Fixed an issue where Assets cache breaking was not working properly
  • Fixed compilation issues in Haxe 4 development builds