Lime 5.0.2 and OpenFl 5.1.2 - HaxeUI

Using the versions on the title throws:

src/f/p/f/Main.hx:4: characters 7-34 : Type not found : haxe.ui.components.TextArea

whenever an haxe.ui import is declared. Mine hits on:

import haxe.ui.components.TextArea;

all haxeui imports are hitting a namespace clash maybe ? Something new in openfl probably, can’t seem to track it down though. Anyone else getting this ?

It works up to lime 4.1.0 with openfl on 5.0.0 but not after those.

We need to check for errors from haxelib path, but don’t on the HXML generation phase. Take a look at your generated “Export/windows/cpp/release/haxe/release.hxml” (or the HXML you are currently targeting) and see if there are errors hidden in there

Flash target.
It reports one single error:
-cp Error: Library haxeui-core version 0.0.0 is not installed

That’s strange – I don’t see “haxeui-core” on Ian’s Github or on haxelib

Is this the haxelib version of HaxeUI, or the Github version? I just successfully used the Github version with two small patches

haxeui-core is part of haxeui2, so has its own repo: - none of haxeui2 is under my personal repo (only haxeui 1)

edit: and none of haxeui2 is on haxelib as of yet, all has to be installed from GH

OP: im on openfl 5.0.0 and it works fine.

Working great on OpenFl 5.0.0 here also.

oh, i see i misread.

It is a github installed lib.

Like Ian stated.

I believe this should be resolved by the newest Lime sources, or haxelib’s newest version, Lime 5.0.3

I ended up having a similar problem on our CI server, but it’s all passing now :slight_smile:

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