Lime 4.0.0 examples errors

Throwing out these after lime create [example]:

Source/Main.hx:144: characters 36-123 : lime.utils.Float32Array should be Int
Source/Main.hx:144: characters 36-123 : For function argument ‘size’

Helloworld and SimpleAudio seem to be working ok. Supposing the window background color should be green.
SimpleImage runs ok also.

TextRendering segfaults in neko.

Source/render/GLRenderer.hx:70: characters 38-43 : Bool should be Int
Source/render/GLRenderer.hx:70: characters 38-43 : For function argument 'count’
Source/render/GLRenderer.hx:216: characters 34-44 : lime.utils.Float32Array should be Int
Source/render/GLRenderer.hx:216: characters 34-44 : For function argument ‘size’

All in Ubuntu, latest everything on haxelib.

What version is your “lime-samples” library?

4.0.0 lime-samples