Lime 3.1.0 – Image loading / GC and GL finalizer related crash (using cpp.vm.Thread)

I’m trying to load bunch of images from zip file in for for loop like this:

    if ({
        var textureTop = BitmapData.fromBytes(ByteArray.fromBytes(;
        tempTerrainTexturesTop.set(, textureTop);

which crashes after some images are loaded, when using cpp.vm.Thread. When it’s called from main thread, it works fine. Mac native target.

Crash log:

Exception Type:        EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
Exception Codes:       KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000001280
Thread 19 Crashed:
0   libGL.dylib                   	0x00007fff8f05d5da glDeleteShader + 13
1   com.example.client            	0x000000010079b3f2 hx::RunFinalizers() + 66
2   com.example.client            	0x000000010079e0e0 GlobalAllocator::Collect(bool, bool, bool) + 400
3   com.example.client            	0x000000010079dd86 GlobalAllocator::AllocLarge(int, bool) + 150
4   com.example.client            	0x000000010079c812 hx::InternalNew(int, bool) + 146
5   com.example.client            	0x00000001007ce0ce hx::ArrayBase::ArrayBase(int, int, int, bool) + 62
6   com.example.client            	0x0000000100796ee2 alloc_buffer_len + 194
7   lime.ndll                     	0x0000000104034988 0x104000000 + 215432
8   lime.ndll                     	0x00000001040321be 0x104000000 + 205246
9   lime.ndll                     	0x00000001040279a2 0x104000000 + 162210
10  lime.ndll                     	0x0000000104004d2f 0x104000000 + 19759
11  com.example.client            	0x00000001004600d4 lime::graphics::Image_obj::__fromBytes(hx::ObjectPtr<haxe::io::Bytes_obj>, Dynamic) + 148
12  com.example.client            	0x0000000100463241 lime::graphics::Image_obj::fromBytes(hx::ObjectPtr<haxe::io::Bytes_obj>, Dynamic) + 353
13  com.example.client            	0x000000010016e119 openfl::display::BitmapData_obj::fromBytes(hx::ObjectPtr<openfl::utils::ByteArrayData_obj>, hx::ObjectPtr<openfl::utils::ByteArrayData_obj>, Dynamic) + 457

Any hints?

The call that makes it crash is
0 libGL.dylib 0x00007fff8f05d5da glDeleteShader + 13
openGL functions cannot be called outside of their thread.

So you can’t use BitmapData.fromBytes from outside the main thread I’m afraid.

You could extract the bytes from the zip in a thread but create the bitmapdata in main, but that could have a slight effect on framerate.

A way to do it without touching the main thread would be to extract the zip to files with cpp.vm.Thread and then loading them with which is async.

Thanks. One more question – where from my application can I use things like BitmapData.fromBytes? The only place I found yet is ENTER_FRAME event handler and similar.

Should be able to do it anywhere in the main thread,
but in the end it’ll end up in a enter frame event as only possible space for any code (with the exception of the static main function of your main class).

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I believe we should use threads if you use Assets.loadBitmapData, I would be interested if this works for you?

This doesn’t for ZIP contents, though (for a long time) I think support for asset packing could be integrated in the Lime tools.

If you are doing it outside of Assets, perhaps you could use a Lime ThreadPool or BackgroundWorker to load the bytes, then use BitmapData.fromBytes in the main thread?

EDIT: The error actually appears to related to HXCPP garbage collection running in the wrong thread. I guess this actually comes back to use needing to come up with a thread-safe GL finalizer (and is not triggered by GL code in the bitmap data load, but just that the allocation there triggers GC activity)

Yeah, you are probably right. I was working on it today and I get crashes in almost every part of my threaded code where lot of temporary objects is created. Even creating simple objects like Point (with 2 integer variables and nothing else) crashes:

Thread 21 Crashed:
0   libGL.dylib                   	0x00007fff8f05ce5e glDeleteBuffers + 18
1   lime.ndll                     	0x0000000102455981 0x102437000 + 125313
2   com.example.client            	0x00000001007907f2 hx::RunFinalizers() + 66
3   com.example.client            	0x00000001007934e0 GlobalAllocator::Collect(bool, bool, bool) + 400
4   com.example.client            	0x00000001007963ec GlobalAllocator::GetFreeBlock(int, hx::ImmixAllocator*) + 604
5   com.example.client            	0x0000000100795dd2 LocalAllocator::CallAlloc(int, unsigned int) + 178
6   com.example.client            	0x00000001006064fc com::application::types::Point_obj::__new(int, int) + 108
7   com.example.client            	0x0000000100665e02 

while I do absolutely nothing with graphics in this thread. Any suggested approach I should take? I’d really need this fixed and I don’t have any idea what to do.

Now I’m creating new threads from OpenFL events (like ADDED_TO_STAGE). Would it help to create threads from somewhere else, so GC in them won’t trigger GL finalizer? If yes, where in my code can I do that?

I added the issue to github repo:

I believe I may have this resolved, but I would appreciate your help in testing and confirming if it is working properly. Check out the issue for a link to a development build with the changes :slight_smile:

Fixed in dev build of lime 3.2.0, thank you very much.