Lime 2.8.3 & openFL 3.5.3 not building in Atom

Today I updated lime & openFL - this caused atom to no longer be able to build.
Build still work thru the command line.

Rolling back to 2.7.0 & 3.4.0 allows it to build in atom (updates seem to be interlinked, so, it’s not possible to see which is at fault.)

Is there any way to know what commands Atom is calling?

The rather vague error is:
Error: Incorrect number of arguments for command ‘test’

Is there a way to pass extra arguments in your build? -verbose could help give us more clues


I got the same issue and found a quick / dirty fix to it.

I just commented this line in lime/tools/CommandLineTools.hx :


line 1460

then run the command

lime rebuild tools

I don’t know why but it seems that FileSystem.exists("/") returns false.

I didn’t test the consequences of that tweak, but it seels that using lime in command lime still works as expected.

Hope it helps,


This sounds like a problem with the Atom plugin :slight_smile:

The issue is specifically with Lime. Thanks @TBaudon for the “fix”… I haven’t really had time to investigate, but have logged the issue.