Lime 2.8.0 (Angle) Issues


Have an extremaly low performance (very low fps) after update to 2.8.0 (with OpenFL 3.4.0). Seems that the hardware acceleration is disabled now.
Also with upgrading to OpenFL 3.5.0 have next issue:

openfl/3,5,0/openfl/utils/Endian.hx:6: characters 8-44 : Type hints on enum abstract fields are not allowed

Just in case, maybe it helps, I’ve use HaxeFlixel (lime legacy) and the Haxe 3.1.3 (instead of 3.2, just because still have incompatibility issues with the new Haxe version).


I can confirm this happens to me as well.
Really low FPS and also issues when toggling to full-screen (black screen and then a lot of artifact and glitched sprites. Also, the window doesnt go bak to its original windowed size).
If reverting back to 2.7.0 everything runs smooth again. We suspect it might be an ANGLE issue, but no idea really, maybe its possible to disable ANGLE and use standard OpenGL with a flag in the xml or build?

Which version of Haxe are you using? Could you please try Haxe 3.2 or 3.2.1?

What OS and what version? Thank you!

Hello again!
In our case we are using latest Haxe version (3.2.1)
Our OS is Windows 10 pro.

Similar problem here. It crashes at start. It shows me the next warning/error:

INFO: WARNING: Ignoring SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval call due to ANGLE bug

I have Windows 10 Pro, Lime 2.8.0, OpenFL 3.5.0, Haxe 3.2.1

Are you using OpenFL from the source? If so, you will need a -clean build to support ANGLE properly. The “GL_SetSwapInterval” warning should have been disabled in current builds

Did you update on haxelib, or from source?

If you used it from source, would you mind running lime rebuild windows -clean -DLIME_SDL_ANGLE, then trying lime test windows -Dangle in the project where you saw regressions?

I just released a new update of Lime with ANGLE disabled, until we understand more, I don’t want to introduce major performance regressions. We had seen similar performance (but better system compatibility), but killing performance is no good :slight_smile:

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2.8.1 is running like a charm.

For the record, we are using OpenFL from Haxelib

I can confirm as well, updated with Haxelib to latest version 2.8.1 and 3.5.1 and everything’s normal again. No fullscreen issues nor severe performance issues at all. All problems gone and running smoothly :smile:

I confirm too that it works again with 2.8.1 and 3.5.1.

I haven’t used OpenFL or Lime from source. I have tested it with -Dangle with the same result.