Lime 2.2.2 haxelib error

When I try to update or install lime from haxelib, it extract itself in folder “unknown” and say ver 1.0.0
Also Only some files are installed

This is output:
c:>haxelib install lime
Downloading lime-2,2,…
Download complete : 80097864 bytes in 40.1s (1948.1KB/s)
Created project/
Created project/common/
Install project/common/Extension.cpp
Install project/common/ExternalInterface.cpp
Created project/include/
Install project/include/Utils.h
Install project/Build.xml
Install Extension.hx
Install haxelib.json
Created dependencies/
Created dependencies/android/
Install dependencies/android/
Install dependencies/android/build.xml
Created dependencies/android/src/
Created dependencies/android/src/org/
Created dependencies/android/src/org/haxe/
Created dependencies/android/src/org/haxe/extension/
Install dependencies/android/src/org/haxe/extension/
Install dependencies/android/AndroidManifest.xml
Install include.xml
Current version is now 1.0.0

Which version of haxe/haxelib do you have?

If haxe 3.2 then it’s an issue with the new haxelib, will be fixed in the next rc (or release).

Well, this is weird
It say haxelib 3.2.0.rc1 even after I download haxe rc2 and overwrite everything. It looks like I had to run haxelib selfupdate to get ver rc3

Yes haxelib 3.2.0.rc2 shows as rc1, a bit confusing :slight_smile:

try remove lime entirely and install it again?

I fixed it by reinstall it

I have some problems with 2.2.2 too. For some reason installing it with haxelib puts it to:


and under the version 1.0.0:


File .current also contains 1.0.0.

@madneon Look at my post Lime 2.2.2 haxelib error if you use haxe 3.2’s haxelib you need to do a haxelib selfupdate.

@ibilon thats where another bug shows up :wink:

$ haxelib selfupdate
Haxelib was already up to date...
Error writing file /usr/lib/haxe/haxelib. Please ensure you have write permissions. 

But I think haxelib is OK anyway:

$ haxelib
Haxe Library Manager 3.2.0-rc.1 - (c)2006-2015 Haxe Foundation

Whats funny is that it downlaods 2.2.2, and then installs 1.0.0 :wink:

$ haxelib install lime
Downloading lime-2,2,
Download complete : 80097864 bytes in 9.6s (8137.9KB/s)
  Created project/
  Created project/common/
  Install project/common/Extension.cpp
  Current version is now 1.0.0

@madneon try the solutions I give here: OpenFL on Linux - Haxelib selfupdate
you need haxelib 3.2.0-rc.3 to have the fix for this bug.

The problem is a faulty zip extraction which skip, among other things, the haxelib.json file containing the name and version information of the lib, resulting in “version is now 1.0.0”.

@ibilon you mean about compiling haxelib? I don’t have directory /usr/lib/haxe/lib/haxelib_client at all… But nevermind, I’m just installing things by hand now :smile:

@madneon I meant about successfully updating haxelib, but yeah installing it by hand is an option too :slight_smile: