Latest version of Lime 4.0.2 doesn't get Joystick at launch

Yeah everything is in the title. Some recent changes in 4.0.2 broke the Joystick recognition at launch, it still works when I plug it later.

Also since Lime 4.0.0 I have some glitches, texture disappearing like in this video


The UI in the top left are disappearing. Sometimes particles get funky or parts of a texture get black.

And last thing, is it possible to add this to 4.0.0

Because I still struggle with fps drop if I switch back to the official version of Lime. Thank you

Here you can see this strange visual behaviour in a stage, z-index switching, texture becoming invisible etc.


This was working well before Lime 4.0.0

Are you testing Lime 4.0.2 on haxelib, or using it from the source? Could you try the haxelib release?

I just tested the “GamepadInput” sample from Lime, using the latest, a connected Xbox 360 controller on Windows initializes at startup and moves the green square properly when I move the left axis. I can test another platform if you think it might be platform-specific. Try a clean build if you’re working from source

I’m sure to be on the correct haxelib version lime : 4.0.2, openfl: 4.0.9, hxcpp: 3.4.64, and lime rebuilt.
I tested GamepadInput sample as well and it works, I had to change my code to match the one of GamepadInput for it to work.

I still have all the strange texture behaviour. All my testers have the same issue as you can see in the video.
Z-index swapping, particules disappearing and texture becoming invisible. I didn’t have those issues before Lime 4.0.0 update.

Thank you for your help again.