Last Best Known Combo

Hello folks,

First of all congratulations to all you wonderful people out there for creating such a wonderful community. I have been following OpenFL from quite some time and it has come a long way. Hats off to Joshua Granick for his hard work and commitment to this platform.

I come from a Flash/Starling background, and I have been working for good alternatives from a while. I have couple of mini games which I want to launch as soon as possible. I’m very short on time so I can’t experiment a lot. I just a need a little help to get started with OpenFL.

I know that there is new version of OpenFL (v3 probably) which has a new architecture. It must be very stable build but as I said I can’t waste time, and want to use previous stable build.

So, if you guys can share your last stable build combo with me, that will be very helpful. What I want to know is:

  1. Haxlib (stable version) + OpenFL (stable version, compatible with extensions) + FlashDevelop

  2. Best Tween library (I use Greensock in Flash projects, its great!)

  3. Properly working extensions for:
    i. AdMob (Android + iOS)
    ii. Flurry (Android + iOS)
    iii. Game Play Game Services (Leaderboards, achievements, etc.)
    iv. Game Center
    v. Facebook/Twitter sharing (Android + iOS)
    vi. In-App Purchase (Android + iOS)

I was also interested in libGDX, but it is not much stable on iOS, though performance on Android is incredible. I’m interested in OpenFL because it seems to have great support for both iOS and Android and its Flash-like structure.


  1. I haven’t updated in a while, and everything’s working pretty well:
    Haxelib 3.1.0-rc.4
    OpenFL 2.2.8
    Lime 2.1.3
    FlashDevelop (but just use the latest version)

  2. Actuate. Easy enough to get used to, and it outperforms TweenLite/TweenMax. I’m using version 1.8.2.

  3. I have no idea. I’ve always written my own.


It has all except google play services and the extensions are created by openfl and they should work with the latest release.
The main problem here 1 year ago was that every release broke extensions that were used to work.
I hope that problem was solved by having extensions maintaned officially by openfl team

Thank you guys for your help.

Its good to see that there are some official extensions created by openfl.

Writing my own extension is also a good idea. I can code in Java for Android, but I really really hate Objective-C. I would rather like to code my extensions in Apple’s new language Swift if that is possible with OpenFL. Is it?

Probably, but I’ve never tried it.

Well, I know that Objective-C and Swift can be used together in a project. I just wanted to see whether anyone has already tried to create an extension with Swift or not, and did it work out or there are any issues?

Anyway, thank you guys for your help. Appreciated!