Kudos to the OpenFL team

Hi guys

During the last months my colleague and I have been working on shoehorning an existing flash web app into tablets

The flash app is written in haxe and we are talking about 1 million+ lines of haxe code. With heavy use of swf assets and and flex components. Plus 5000 sound samples and 10000 bitmaps.

Last week we got most features working on IOS and today we succeeded in building for and running on Android.

It has not been painless, but most of the time it has been fun.

We now have a prototype and we will spent the next time maturing it and decide what to next. There’s still a lot of work left and a lot of unanswered questions.

But the OpenFL team deserves a lot of kudos. Without you it would not have been possible so far. The work you have done is awesome and I see a huge potential in Lime/Openfl.

Thumbs up guys!


Yea, and there are plenty of experiences out there, more-or-less exactly like this one.

(Yeah, yeah, “believe it or not!”)

Therefore, yes, “let us all not neglect to give credit,” where credit is most-certainly due!


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