Kindle Fire support


Apps built with the latest version of OpenFL/Lime are not compatible with Kindle Fire devices anymore.
I guess, it started from Lime 6.4.0 update:

Updated Android ARMv7 builds to use armeabi-v7a instead of armeabi-v7

Doing the following didn’t help:
<architecture name="armv6" exclude="armv7" />

Any ideas how I can switch back to armeabi-v7.

Downgrading to Lime 6.3.1 didn’t help…

I just found a minor issue:

You should be able to go into your output directory and delete the “armeabi-v7a” directory yourself.

We should put ARMv5 binaries inside the “armeabi” directory, and ARMv7a binaries inside the “armeabi-v7a” directory. Targeting ARMv6 on Android causes us to make an ARMv5 build

The question, I guess, is which architecture is supported by these devices (ARMv5 should work, but does it work in the “armeabi” folder?) (ARMv7 may or may not work, but does it work if it is in an “armeabi-v7a” directory, instead of “armeabi-v7”?)

We used to use “v7” only, but this was deprecated a long time ago by Google, and was basically a broken behavior in Android 4, I believe. I had expected that including the “armeabi” binaries would cover it, but perhaps not for Fire devices

Ok, I have found the problem.
My update has lower build number, this cause Amazon to make it “incompatible”.
This is not Lime problem.

Thank you @singmajesty!

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