Kickstarter: Feathers UI for OpenFL and Haxe

Hey, everyone! A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I was working on a new OpenFL and Haxe version of my open source project, Feathers UI. I originally released these UI components for Flash/AIR about 7-8 years ago. Over that time, they’ve powered a ton of amazing creative projects, and the library has grown far beyond my initial expectations. Now, with the changing technology landscape, it’s time to give Feathers UI a new foundation. I think that Haxe and OpenFL are a perfect fit.

Today, I’m launching this new version of Feathers UI on Kickstarter so that the community can support its development.

Please help make Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL a reality by becoming a Kickstarter backer, Thank you!


This is great! I’ll certainly contribute in the next days.

I learned to be a developer with flash, creating Adobe Air projects. My first serious app was built using feathers for starling.

On the current days I’m developing for the web and when I have to do anything multiplatform I end up relying on react native or electron.

Being able to use a familiar stack that can export to native code in pretty much every platform is a dream. When it comes to performance, open FL + feathers UI will beat electron without a doubt and the developer experience will be more than acceptable, specially if feathers sdk gets ported as well.

Looking forward to it!

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Thank you! I’m really happy with the performance so far, and I haven’t even fully optimized everything yet. Yesterday, I was playing around with a five-year-old Galaxy S5, and the ListBox component was scrolling smooth as butter. It was even good in a JS build (not just the native cpp target). I’ll be posting a link to an online demo soon so everyone can check out my progress.


I have a XOOM for real frail tests. :slight_smile: I wonder if it would scroll like butter.

This is really great that a mature UI framework could be destined for Haxe/OpenFL. For others, I have apps built with FeathersUI/SDK framework for Starling and it rocks, has a professional API and Josh’s documentation of the Starling version is top notch.

It was only the last couple weeks I realized how cool this could actually be, complex UI is complex and having a deep 2D UI framework is a good thing. I say this since I am sure I am not the only one that wanted to migrate away from AIR/AS3 but had no really good 2D UI framework, this is it (from my experience).

This project also gives me the chance to try and contribute to Haxe/OpenFL ecosystem down the road.


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This is one of the things I’m looking forward to with Feathers UI for OpenFL: Some well set standards to make it easy for a community/ecosystem to prosper. I envision Feathers UI marketed as an alternative to other cross-platform engines with UI components such as Flutter. With the advantage to be able to publish to even more targets. Its amazing to be able to easily test in a smartphone with several build types (JS, Air, Native…).


I think my oldest device is a Nexus One phone from 2010. I should give that a try! It’s stuck on Android 2, though. I’m not sure if OpenFL can target devices that old.

I also have a Nexus S from 2011. That one is running Android 4.x, so it would be more likely to work.

I’ll charge them up and see what happens!

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I have a Nexus 7 2nd gen from 2013 and a Pixel 2, iPhone and IPad Air 1st.

I said the XOOM because I was able to run most of the Feathers apps I have made on the XOOM, slower but runs. (my UIs are pretty busy so it surprised me)

Is it possible to receive an invoice if I back you on Ks?

I can certainly create an invoice and email it to you after Kickstarter has processed your payment. I will mark it as “paid in full” for the amount that you pledged. Will that work for you?

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Some exciting news about the Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL Kickstarter today:

KS Update #5: If we can get to $10K, the Moonshine IDE team guarantees $15K to reach the Kickstarter goal!

If we account for the new Moonshine pledge, we’re now at 80% of the funding goal. There’s about 10 days left to go, so let’s make it happen. Click here to become a backer on KS.


Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL is fully funded on Kickstarter!