[Kha] Multiline Interactive TextBox


Hello all!

Very simply, I would like someone who has knowledge of Haxe and Kha to create an interactive multiline TextBox with public utility functions similar to that of OpenFL. You should be familiar with Kha to build the TextBox from scratch. The candidate who wishes to apply and succeeds will be paid an initial deposit of £60, with the remainder paid at the end of the project, totalling £300.

The interactive TextBox at the end of the project should be functional and free of errors.

The following features in the TextBox would include:

  • Blinking caret
  • Highlight and selection capabilities with mouse and keyboard.
  • Common hotkey implementations, including Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+X, for copy, paste and cut, respectively.
  • Holding Ctrl with arrow keys should increase caret index on a per word basis.
  • Word-wrapping functionality

The successful candidate will require Skype for initial communication, where we will negotiate payment method and how the project will be completed. While not essential, it would be greatly desired if the TextBox is implemented in accordance with the project Twinspire, where update and render functions exist accordingly.

Because you would be developing in Kha, Kode Studio is strongly recommended.

If you are interested in joining this project, please make your applications to [email protected] with a covering email and a portfolio of works.

Position will be closed at 12:00 AM GMT Monday 24th.

And best of all, good luck!


Applications now closed. Thank you all for your participation.