Keyboard Events are not dispatch on Russian layout

Hello, guys!

I created event listener for Keyboard:
stage.AddEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, handler);

But it works for English layout only.

Please, help to decide this problem. Thanks.

What version are you using? Are you using any libraries (such as Flixel)? Are you using -Dlegacy when you build?

openfl: 3.4.0
lime: 2.7.0

Yes, I’m using -Dlegacy, but is not helpful

Created on openfl only, without some libraries

Does it work without -Dlegacy?

No, not works without -Dlegacy, too:(

I don’t get message “keyboardEventHandler” on keyboard click on Russian layout. But on English all works fine.

stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, keyboardEventHandler);

private function keyboardEventHandler(e:KeyboardEvent):Void

    keyboardDownSignal.dispatch(null, new KeyboardData(e.keyCode));

openfl 4.0
lime 3.0
haxe 3.3.0

But same result

Is this platform specific? Do Russian keys work on any other platform?

Yes. This problem on flash target only. (on html5, neko, mac all keys work)

Oh :flushed:

That’s the one target we don’t control – similar to a web browser, we can write against the Adobe Flash Player, but we do not control what input events it dispatches, or ultimately how it behaves. This is an Adobe bug

ok, thanks for reply.

Then I have to ask users switch to English layout :slight_smile: