Key press is not recognized

I have this project and in there I have an issue.

The summary is that the keyboard left press is not recognized by OpenFL when pressing keyboard up + space + keyboard left. The same does work when replacing keyboard left with keyboard right. You can verify by checking out the project and running openfl test neko -DforceKeyboard. The place where the key press event is handled is in KeyboardController.hx on line 50. There you can see the Keyboard.LEFT keyCode (37) is never triggered. Keyboard.RIGHT (39) is triggered like you’d expect.

Anyone any idea as to what the problem may be? Is it indeed something in OpenFL or am I missing some mistake in my own code?

Hi Devilly.

I’m afraid it’s a hardware issue. Many keyboards out there don’t accept
certain combination of keys. Here’s some more information: Link
To verify try replacing key up/down/left/right by WASD and maybe Shift.

Indeed, I replaced with IJKL and S and that works fine. Thanks for the info!