Keep generated ActionScript

Seems like I’m missing something obvious here; however, how do you keep generated ActionScript using openfl’s build command?

Like, with haxe command line appends -as3:

haxe -as3 output_dir

But I do something like:

openfl build flash -as3 output_dir

I receive the error:

Error: You must have a “project.xml” file or specify another valid project file when using the ‘build’ command

I don’t think the tools have anything to do that, though it wouldn’t be too hard to add.

You can always do it yourself, go to Export(or bin)/flash/haxe and change either debug.hxml or release.hxml to replace swf with as3.
Not really the best solution if you want that each time though but in that case creating a new hxml and a shell script will work until you change a define or add a lib.

Try <haxeflag name="-as3" value="output_dir" /> in project.xml.

Thanks, @ibilon and @player_03