Just installed, can't run lime test html5

Using a Haxelib template (HelloWorld), when I attempt to run:
lime test html5
lime test neko
… and even lime test poop
I get the same result:

Error: Cannot create directory “U://.lime”
I’m running from the D: drive on Windows64.
I’m not sure where the U drive is being referenced or how to change it. Any ideas?

Hello, I’m out of my comfort zone as I use haxedevelop but this works for me.

Are you located in the HelloWorld folder when running this ?
What happens when you just run



lime help

did you run

haxelib run lime setup

In the directory, yes. Ran haxelib run lime setup too.

I believe it tries to create .lime in the home user directory. This might be based on an environment variable

YEP. That was it, for some reason there was an environment variable pointing to “U”. Hopefully I didn’t bonk something else by changing it. LOL.

Thank you!

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