Js.object or js.lib.object?

I used to get a compiler suggestion about using js.lib.Object instead of js.Object as it is deprecated and would probably be removed from future version.

However I see that syntax of js.lib.Object is not easy.

And there is no sufficient documentation. How can I use it in most compact way?

For example using js.Object was as easy as:
var obj = {a:'hello world'} ;

Vanilla Haxe works as you might hope I think:

Ya. I know that js.Object works.
But is js.Object deprecated for future version?
If yes then how to use js.lib.Object?
I am trying to use js.lib.Object , but it shows compiler errors related to wrong syntax.

Sorry if I still may not be understanding you, but you may note that I did not import either of those classes (js.lib.Object or js.Object) in the example. I simply used the syntax you mentioned and Haxe compiled it to a proper JavaScript object. Do you need any of the methods shown in the documentation?

I am noting now that try.haxe.org is not running Haxe 4 yet.

This seems to work in Haxe 4:

    class Test {
        static function main() {
            var obj = new js.lib.Object( {a:'hello world'} );

Ok. Did you try accessing the value for ‘a’ ?
Try using :
trace( obj.a )
You will get the error

I tried testing each one separately:

package myapp;
  import flash.display.*;
 import openfl.events.*;
 import openfl.utils.Object ; 
  class Main extends Sprite 
	var stage_St:Stage ;
 	public var my_Obj:Object;
 public function new() 
	my_Obj = {label:"click me", data:"my data on click"};
        addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE , ats);
function ats(e):Void 
	stage_St = this.stage ; 
	stage_St.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function(e)
		trace(my_Obj.label,my_Obj.data ); 

When I use js.lib.Object,
my_Obj = new Object( {label:"click me", data:"my data on click"});
the error is :

myapp/Main.hx:32: characters 16-21 : js.lib.Object has no field label
myapp/Main.hx:32: characters 29-33 : js.lib.Object has no field data

When I use js.Object,
my_Obj = new Object( {label:“click me”, data:“my data on click”});
the error is :

myapp/Main.hx:14: characters 21-27 : Warning : This typedef is deprecated in favor of js.lib.Object
myapp/Main.hx:19: characters 16-22 : Warning : This typedef is deprecated in favor of js.lib.Object
myapp/Main.hx:32: characters 16-21 : js.Object has no field label
myapp/Main.hx:32: characters 29-33 : js.Object has no field data

The last thing that seems working is: openfl.utils.Object
my_Obj = {label:“click me”, data:“my data on click”};

Thanks for pressing on with this because I am learning myself. This seems to work:

class Test {
    static function main() {
        var obj = js.lib.Object.create( {a:'hello world yes'} );
        trace (obj.a);
        //console will log "hello world yes"

Yes. Using ‘create()’ should work.

However I think openfl.utils.Object is the right way when using Openfl API.

All the confusion was caused mainly because the HaxeDevelop IDE automatically added the js-package while coding. And from there I was using it all the time thinking it as a part of Openfl API.

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I tend to use Dynamic

var object:Dynamic = { a: "hello world yes" };