Jpegs compression when targetting flash


I have an app with a lot of assets.
Not too much for an android app, but definilty a lot for a flash version.
My preloader last a long while.
I have considered making an interactive preloader, to kill time, but as much as possible I would like to diminish the size of my app.

Given that my asset folder is 6Mos and my swift is 9, I think maybe the bitmaps are reencoded to jpegs? or the compression changed?
Is there a parameter to tweak that?


Looking at the embed code, it looks like images, sounds and bytes are pretty-much embedded as-is. However, when you use a font, it is decomposed into Flash drawing instructions. This could make a difference in terms of final SWF size, compared to the original asset folder.

I use OptiPNG to losslessly compress my images and reduce filesize.

TinyPNG would produce smaller files, but some of the image data will be lost. (Fortunately, TinyPNG does a good job, so it’s usually very hard to see the difference. It’s also a lot easier to use.)

OpenFL would not automatically convert images to JPEG. Too much information would be lost, and it could add some ugly compression artifacts.

Thank you both.
I will try the compression tools, and I will check the font also.