JAMMA/OpenFL setup ideas?

Hi, I’ve been building a game in my spare time with Haxe/OpenFL for about a month now. While the initial idea was to deploy to an ASUS Tinker Board running Android and use an I-PAC for arcade controller input, I’m wondering if there’s a more truly arcade-centric solution for this.

I would like to know if there’s a modern JAMMA PCB or SBC setup that I can build for using OpenFL and plug into one of my arcade setups. It would need to be able to do 240p video through JAMMA pins, and overall just adhere to the true JAMMA standard (inputs, sound & power on pins) while being able to run modern software built with OpenFL. Does such a device or setup exist?

I’m reading a little about JAMMA and found this article:

We use SDL for the underlying native functionality and it sounds as if you can build a library and run it on a JAMMA board using a standard Linux OS on the board? Am I understanding this incorrectly? If we can build SDL2 in a way that is compatible with the board (we do support Linux already) then I assume this could work?

Wow, great find! This is very interesting. I dunno if you would even need to go beyond just getting the libs on there if we already have them coming in through haxelib.

The only thing I might be concerned with is if this uses the Linux console/framebuffer or some form of X11. I know Vsync & SDL (or any other C media library for that matter) don’t play very nice on X11.

I think we build our Linux binaries now against X11, but it probably is not that far off before we would be able to build for Wayland or Mir. I’d be happy to help provide pointers if you run into trouble customizing the build or upstreaming any changes :wink:

I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for responding and checking out some of my thoughts!