Iterating through a xml file on HTML5?

Hi, I have a simple XML file just like this one:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

This file is loaded using URLLoader and, after that, I need to parse it to retrieve its values. I’m using Haxe Fast for this:

var loadedXML:Fast = new Fast(Xml.parse(;
for (xmlnode in loadedXML.nodes.entry) {
    trace ('checking value');
    trace ('data',, xmlnode.node.value.innerData);

This works as expected on Flash target, but for the HTML5 I get no results. Am I missing something?

I noticed that Fast is, indeed, working on HTML5 - if I fetch the XML values direcly I do get them. The problem seems to be at the iteration. Any clues about this?

Thank you!

Have you tried adding or removing additional firstElement calls? It seems like sometimes what the starting element is may vary from what I expect when parsing XML (though I don’t remember this being platform specific)