Issues with Actuate and Reflect API on HTML5 target

Having a few issues with the HTML5 target of a project I’m working on. Specifically w.r.t. to the Actuate tweening engine and the Reflect API.

The app in question parses a JSON file for tween parameters, referencing easing classes and functions as strings. I use the Reflect API to turn the strings into the appropriate instances.

Here are some snippets of code from the JSON file and the Haxe source to provide some context

JSON Source:

    "ease":{"type":"motion.easing.Cubic", "func":"easeIn"}

Haxe Source:

actuator = Actuate
    .tween(node.transform, tweenData.duration,
    .ease(Reflect.field(Type.resolveClass(tweenData.ease.type), tweenData.ease.func));

The above code works fine on the windows target. But with the html5 target I get the following error:

TypeError: is undefined

Which is triggered from the javascript equivalent of the motion.actuator.SimpleActuator::initialize() function. The following line from that method raised the TypeError:

if(,i) && !( || !["set_" + i]))

Anyone know of a work-around for this?

Managed to resolve the issue myself:

Thanks again for the patch :slight_smile:

While I have your attention…any chance for an assist on the following issue: