Issues compiling to c++

I recently installed OpenFL and I’m having issues getting the windows target to compile. I’m using Flashdevelop and if I create a new project and select C++, compiling to windows works just fine. But whenever I create a new OpenFL project and try to compile to windows all I get is;

“Error: Source path . . . . haxe\lib\hxcpp/3,4,185/bin/Windows/std.dll” does not exist"

Any ideas?

OpenFL projects require Visual Studio to compile to Windows:

Could that be what you’re missing?

Did you do : “lime setup windows” on command prompt ?

I am using VS Express 2015 because there’s a slight compilation wait with the older versions.
But I installed 2015 on the same machine after and all is well and being picked up during compile time. Think 2017 is also doable with a fix but you’re probably safer with 2015 at this time.

At present time hxcpp 3.4.185 is missing some files so if you’re using that probably stick to 3.4.64 for the time being.

Yup, already have VS and I have run the “lime setup windows”. Even did a clean reinstall just to make sure I didn’t mess anything up.

After reading New hxcpp 3.4.185 throwing missing files error

I think it might be an issue with hxcpp 3.4.185, I’m having the exact same problem as this guy.

Set hxcpp version to 3.4.64 and now it works, thank you.

Seems the new version changed the folder structure and removed the required dlls.

I’m actually that guy. :slight_smile:
Do revisit that topic as Joshua published a solution.