Issue with openfl 6.1.0 (Unknown identifier : __frames)

Hi there !
I just updated openfl to 6.1.0 with lime 5.4.0 and when i try to build my project, i get the following error:

MovieClip.hx:647: characters 18-26 : Unknown identifier : __frames

I tried to look at the new MovieClip class and indeed __frames is not defined and only used at this line :frowning: .

Maybe i forgot to update something ?If not, do you know the fix ?
I tried to replace “__frames.length” by “__totalFrames”, but it seems it wasn’t a good idea ^^; (i can build the game but i get errors: “Error evaluating frame script”)

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Try this fix:

Hi !

It seems that with the fix, the “gotoAndStop” function doesn’t go to the right frame anymore and i still get the error:

MovieClip.hx:461: Error evaluating frame script

It’s like only 2 frame work on every animations :frowning: but i could see that 6.1.0 fixes all my issues with textfields :slight_smile: . (when in 5.1.5 textwidth > width)

Maybe i could only update the textfield class or there are too much dependencies ?

Thanks for reading ^^

EDIT: Since i’m mostly interested in the textfields fix in openfl 6.1.0, i updated the Following Classes:
TextField, TextEngine, HtmlParser

If someone has the same issues regarding textfields and not being able to fully update to openfl 6.1.0, you can do that to fix textfields issues in openfl 5.1.5 ^^.