Issue with Html5 vs Native(neko,windows,phone) SVGs

Issue with all Circle Svgs on html5 but perfectly fine for all other platforms that I could test.

Thanks for any ideas on what the issue could be, cheers.:slightly_smiling_face:

Which version of OpenFL? This occurs on HTML5, but not Flash or native? Thanks :slight_smile:

OpenFL 7.0.0 and that’s correct on Native it’s fine, I don’t really use Flash so I don’t know about that.

Is this a regression from a specific version you used before? Can you tell if the SVG is being scaled? Does not scaling it make any difference?

It’s not a regression from any other version I’ve used before, I figured out the exact occurrence. It’s not cacheAsBitmap dependent . It’s scaling based, But only when you change the graphic to another svg.I added a test case zip to the slack.


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