Issue Internet Explorer not runing game

Hello again Everyone,

I am trying to test the game on IE 7 as one of my client and all their LAN computers.

I am getting following error in IE7 weired javascript error window:

ApplicationMain.config is null or not an object.


I copied the ApplicationMain.config values(object) from ApplicationMain.main function and now the error window says

htmlcanvasElement is undefined

Is there any possibility to compile the game using dom

Try to compile it with -Ddom, like “openfl test html5 -Ddom”

Again throwing the error

ApplicationMain.Config is null or not an object 

and nothing starts, after setting it manually

still the error is same

htmlcanvasElement is undefined

The HTML5 target is designed to use canvas, even in DOM mode (like for BitmapData manipulation), in order to support an old version of Internet Explorer, it either will require some work, or perhaps there is another HTML5 backend that has deeper backward compatibility here, not sure about bitfive, canvas + typed arrays has been a baseline for the core HTML5 backend so far