Is there something in Actuate (or similar) that has direction wipes?

I have this line up with 11 players + substitutes and it has this construction that plays in video to setup the spacing for the alpha reveal of the text with the names of the players on it. Is there a way to make the text alpha wipe in from left to right. If not, is there a lib that has this sort of thing ?

If you can use a solid background, it would be simple to cover your letters with a faded graphic, and animate over the letters.

Otherwise, the only way to achieve this effect properly is with an alpha mask. This is not fully supported yet – only 100% visible/invisible using a mask.

Thanks singmajesty.
“it would be simple to cover your letters with a faded graphic” thing is there is a video playing under the letters with a star field loop. It would work with a solid background I think.

If you’d be ok with a sharp edge rather than a “feather” effect, try using scrollRect.

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Will have to be.
Original design was feathered but this will work until something comes up.
Thanks player_03.