Is there any way to decrease Android compilation time?

I’m working on a game, you can find our beta here, realized using Stencyl with many features added by my team. Now we are working on porting to Android and we are facing some issues regarding some crashes we have on Android target.
One of main issues is compilation time: i’m a c++ noob but taking a look to processes during win7 compile I’ve noticed that linker take ten times, more or less, time of other involtec process.

In general, is there a way to speed up android compilation process? About linker, is there a way to speed up linking process or to change linker (one friend of mine with much experience in c++ suggest to try gold linker to go multithread) ?
Are there some best prectices can you suggest me to improve my Android target experience?

Thanks in advance,

I test with a neko build first to catch most of the bugs since it compiles much faster. You still might find a new bug when compiling to Android, but testing with neko first will save you that compile time if you have a stupid bug.

Thanks a lot for suggestion!