Is there any plan to make sounds from SWFs run outside flash using getSounds?

The project I’m working on, converting my codebase at work, is going to require me to rebuild and make my own filesystem loading for sounds that are currently in swfs in the legacy game. If I was able to use those swfs for loading sounds I’d be golden, but it seems loading sound assets from swfs hasn’t ever worked outside of flash? Is this still on the roadmap?

What platform are you targeting? HTML5 usually requires multiple formats. Native, on the other hand, could be made to support sound. The parents on MP3 just expired, which means there’s hope for MP3 support in OpenFL, which was the big missing piece

Oh wow, I completely spaced that it would still come back as an .mp3. That makes sense. Would that require newer browsers though to bring in mp3 support, or would that require a mp3 playing library?

For HTML5, we would need to convert to OGG, WAV and MP3, or other formats that support the broad spectrum of browsers, for it to work. This isn’t impossible, but it is more complicated than quickly parsing the SWF data :slight_smile: