Is there a way to loop a video seamlessly?

I get a small pause at the end no matter what I try.
Scratching my head as I seem to remember to be able to do this back in flash.

How are you playing the video?
What kind of pause do you get, the last frame or blank/black?
And are you sure it’s not in the video itself?

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The videos are are seamless, checked on the editor that exports them and third party video players frame by frame.
If I seek to 0 I get a small stump stop, if I play em again when they stop I get a few background frames, can’t really tell how many but confirmed because of pure white background color. I read somewhere this wasn’t the case on older flashplayer versions…
Do you have any idea how I could surpass this. It would be great because they are playing on a scoreboard and that little tick, I ended up seeking to 0 because at least the video stays on and is less visually disruptive than background.

I’d need to know how you are playing this video to help more.

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I will post a link to a paste bin with the code a little later when on the actual machine. Thank you ibilon.