Is there a way to log into a website in app and get cookies and use them for further urlloader reqests that require a login?


With Adobe Air I can use HTMLLoader to display the login page for a website and login.
Then any request made with URLLoader somehow can access and magically use the cookie data and load the url that requires a login.


We don’t have a Webview included in OpenFL currently, so we use cURL on native (and XHR requests on HTML5), which won’t allow us to display a login page. There some ability to use cookies, but not to provide a visible interface


thanks a heap .I don’t need to show any interface. how can I simulate a login without showing the web page ? or is this beyond the scope of openfl ? I just have no idea where to start research from.


Maybe there’s something we can do with our use of cURL in Lime


Hi, you can use JWT Tokens, if your server is in Nodejs , you can pretty much do everything with OpenFL,

i just made a complete Register / Login / Forgot Password flow in OpenFl and i am using GraphQL + NodeJS + MongoDB , i am using OpenFL as my frontend framework.


i hope it will give you an idea .


I am going to try doing the login with php which will return the cookie to the app and then try adding the cookie to the urlrequest header.