Is there a way to log into a website in app and get cookies and use them for further urlloader reqests that require a login?

With Adobe Air I can use HTMLLoader to display the login page for a website and login.
Then any request made with URLLoader somehow can access and magically use the cookie data and load the url that requires a login.

We don’t have a Webview included in OpenFL currently, so we use cURL on native (and XHR requests on HTML5), which won’t allow us to display a login page. There some ability to use cookies, but not to provide a visible interface

thanks a heap .I don’t need to show any interface. how can I simulate a login without showing the web page ? or is this beyond the scope of openfl ? I just have no idea where to start research from.

Maybe there’s something we can do with our use of cURL in Lime

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Hi, you can use JWT Tokens, if your server is in Nodejs , you can pretty much do everything with OpenFL,

i just made a complete Register / Login / Forgot Password flow in OpenFl and i am using GraphQL + NodeJS + MongoDB , i am using OpenFL as my frontend framework.


i hope it will give you an idea .

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I am going to try doing the login with php which will return the cookie to the app and then try adding the cookie to the urlrequest header.