Is there a way to incoorporate html files in openfl

Hello, I am currently learning the Openfl, and I have some issues regarding a tasks I have been asked.
I have developped a html5 webpage (this means it is linked to some css files and js files and to some media too). I now have been asked to turn it into an executable app, for research purposes.
My question is:
is there a way to use the whole webpage as an asset for a program made in openfl?
is there a way to incoorporate the whole webpage in an openfl program and have it work as it is?
Or should I just remake it from scratch in openfl?
if there is even a link of that talks about such I would really much appreciate it.
because having such would make development way faster… if my question wasn’t clear enough I can always try to simplify it.
thanks in advance.

You could reuse html5 assets on the html5 target, but for a native executable, you’ll have to rewrite it in Haxe.

If you just want an executable from your html5 page openfl might not be the best option,
something like node-webkit would be enough.

Or if you need a more native application look&feel you might want to take a look at quaxe ( though I’m not sure if that’s available yet.

Or yeah like @player_03 said you can rewrite it in haxe to use openfl and it’s flash api, but that’ll give you a “game”, won’t have the look or feel of a native application.

Thanks for the fast response I appreciate that…
so remaking it in haxe using the html5 assets is the way, I guess I have to go for the “game”…

What if I simply want to hand a URL to a system web browser, and have the host OS switch over to that browser to display content? Is there a platform-agnostic way to do that?

Try Lib.getURL, it should work on Flash and HTML5, and I think on the desktop?

Update – given that my current plans target iOS and Android, it looks like extension-webview might be what I want. I’ll give that a shot. I suppose that if I end up playing with desktop and web platforms, I can always use Lib.getURL in conditional code.