Is there a way to get a Gamepad's device name while using Legacy?

I’m nearing the end of a long running game project (which currently needs to be in legacy mode to compile) I would like to get access to the device names of gamepads used so I can support PS3 controllers in addition to Xbox 360 pads. Is this possible?

It looks like there is a CFFI method called lime_stage_get_joystick_name, which seems to accept a reference to the Stage first, then an Int joystick ID as the second parameter. You could use Lib.load ("lime", "lime_stage_get_joystick_name", 2); to get a reference to it in Haxe, and try to call it?

As you know, this is more formally supported in the current Lime API, but I understand just needing to patch an extra bit of functionality in :slight_smile:

Thanks Joshua, I’ll give that a go, and I’ll try getting my current project going on the non legacy again too :slight_smile:

I didn’t get far with the CFFI route, possibly due to me never having used CFFI before. But was able to get the game updated to non legacy and the new Joystick APIs. :slight_smile: