Is there a high resolution timestamp in haxe?

I am trying to port over a profiling tool I use to haxe, but none of the Timer options are high enough resolution to tell me what % of the frame any part of my code is actually taking to run.

This is what I was trying:

var now (get, never) :Float
inline function get_now() :Float
#if (sys)
    return Sys.cpuTime();
#elseif (flash || nme || openfl)
    return flash.Lib.getTimer() / 1000;
#elseif lime
    return lime.system.System.getTimer() / 1000;
    return haxe.Timer.stamp();

Is there a better solution out there for in application profiling in haxe?

Somebody’s been working on implementing Scout for Haxe:

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Thanks! I’ll check it out :smiley: