Is it possible to support multiple languages on mobile devices?

> var textFormat = new TextFormat ("_sans");
> textFormat.size = 20;
> textField1.defaultTextFormat = textFormat;
> textField2.defaultTextFormat = textFormat;
> /////Vietnamese
> textField1.text = "Bà Ba Bả Bán Bánh Bò Bông";
> //Spanish
> textField2.text = "Corazón Espinado";

All work well on PC, but on Android we have something like this “B BA Ba bn b bng” or “Corazn Einado”. it seems the Latin Extended Alphabet Characters do not support!

Any suggestions! Thanks!

You can try to give it a local ttf file.

Found here and see you there :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ! Thanks!

Unicode ist not well supported on Android with latest Openfl, Haxe etc. It seems to be a bug in Haxe. There is somewhere a workround here, that works, but this workaround does not work on Windows CPP target.