Is it possible to create bitmaps with 16-bit color depth?

I’m using Haxeflixel and want to generate a lot of bitmaps “on-the-fly” for a desktop game. The problem is that they occupy a lot of memory in RAM. Is there a way to create bitmaps with 16-bit color depth or perhaps use some kind of texture compression (that supports alpha levels) so they use less memory?

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There’s a related issue here:

We would need to do additional work in Lime ( and probably in the OpenFL renderer to support 8-bit or 16-bit runtime BitmapData.

I would be happy to help work with anyone interested in this

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I had been wondering about this myself.

There’s an issue with ATF textures in the current version of Starling (testing with Neko, but ultimately I’ll be targeting Android), so I’ve resorted to PNG spritesheets for the time being and had wondered if RGBA4444 or RGB565 might be honored on the Starling / OpenFL / Lime side.