Is it possible to configure an Actuate ease?

I am trying to create fine animations for some elements on stage, but I am not very satisfied of the results obtained with some Actuate tween: I am using Elastic ease, but this can be said for i.e. Bounce too, and I’d like to set the number of “bounces” or “back-and-forth” of my tweens, is this possible?
Is it possible to pass a few parameters to the ease to change the resulting tween?

You can return your own custom IEasing object:

The calculations are done between 0 and 1, so you could use a different formula that behaves differently to create what you want. You could also try using multiple tweens, or set repeat and mirror, things like that

Actually, you can configure Elastic ease, at least in the constructor:

But I’m not really sure how to do it using Actuate…

Actuate takes an instance of any object that implements IEasing, so you could instantiate ElasticEaseOut and then pass it to the actuator.