IPv6 can not connect to server

hi everyone, i have a project using haxe/openfl. when i use ipv6 so i can’t connect to server. i use socket (sys.net.Socket).
Can you help me? Thank


Has anyone found a solution to this problem? My app is rejected by Apple because of it.


Do you use Haxe sys networking, or is it using OpenFL networking only?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

HI Gini,
Same problem we had last week, but with Adobe Air.
Maybe it is not OpenFL related

1.- Check that you can reach your server via ipv6 with: http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php
2.-If you can’t Check that you have a AAAA dns entry for ipv6 to the server you are trying to connect, and the ipv6 set.
3.- Do not ask for review, just Reject the submitted binary, update the version number and resubmit to the appstore.

Hope this helps.

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Apple accepts only IPv6 Supporting IPv6-only Networks