Iphone divas sound problems

hi . When the sound is heard for a long time it starts shaking only iphone divas. The sound works but after 30 minutes it changes shape and poorly heard Is there a solution?

Are we talking html5? or iOS app?

we render to HTML5 file

The only answer I have for you is:
You are not alone, but we have no idea how to stop this :cry:
Welcome to the club.

iPhones from time to time deciede that they will mess up the webaudio context.
There is no known fix to this.

Some claim that if you encode all your files into 48khz it doesn’t happen. Some claim that if you don’t use MP3 it doesn’t happen. Some claim that the issue resolved itself as mysteriously as it came.

I still haven’t found a solution, I use a hail mary approach where I encode all my MP3 files as 320kbps 48khz and also provide .ogg, m4a and .aac files in the html5 build to try to avoid the iphone destroying my sounds and still some devices do break the sound.

thank you for provdng information

This might help: