IOS8 html5 wrong resize

Html5 game on openfl running on device with ios8 has wrong size. It resize without using address bar height.
Have anyone fix to this?
I found how fix some issues on iphone 5, 6:
html,body{margin:0; padding:0; width:100%; height:100%; overflow:hidden; position:fixed;}
Position:fixed fix it, but sometimes when you refresh page it scale incorect.

If you get any other ideas/ways that we can improve how this works, I would be more than happy to integrate it within the default templates. I don’t have easy access to testing this myself

Its not fully fixed issue on ios8.
Mb you can target me where in openfl present code which resize stage in html5?

In the HTML template, it’s current set up for the parent DIV to resize to 100% of the window size. Within Lime, there is code to make the project scale up and letter box, based on that parent DIV size.

If you control/constrain the parent DIV in the HTML template to the right size, the rest of the code should function properly. Would your CSS above plus “top: 0; left: 0” work?

For fix issue with wrong size i use css on body,html, position:fixed and javascript code than listen when document resize and manual set openfl-content block height of window.innerHeight.
What file contains listener on document resize in Lime? I try implement there additional fix for ios8

Yeah, so the trick is finding a CSS rule we can use that will make sure that #openfl-content is the size of window.innerHeight, without using JavaScript. Lime handles it from there, sizing the content to match the size of the #openfl-content DIV. I believe Lime tries to handle that embed point as the window, so a Lime resize event occurs when the #openfl-content DIV resizes, it does not watch the browser window size to my knowledge