IOS: Window Not Showing


Sometimes the IOS version of my project does not show. It loads and in the task manager (control center) in IOS I see the app with the correct content but other then that is see noting. It seems to be going into the background when its activated.

I’m using:

iPad Pro 2017 with IOS: 11.1.1
Xcode: 9.1 (9B55)
IOS SDK: 9.2
Lime: 5.6.0
OpenFL: 6.2.0
Haxe: 3.4.3
HaxeCPP: 3.4.188

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

Many thanks in advanced for any help.


Are you handling Event.RESIZE on the stage?

Does this occur with OpenFL samples, such as “PiratePig”?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes i am doing that. Also i did some extra testing and it seems to be related to upgrading IOS. After an upgrade the problem occurs. If i then reinstall the App the problem is gone again :S.

I will remove the event from the stage and later this week(s) I will install the new IOS 11.1.2 and see what happens. If that solves it I will follow up on that.

Best regards.

The Event.RESIZE only seems to trigger on the stage.? Is there any other way to receive the resize event? Or only bind it on desktop/mac.?

Oh, I was just curious if you were listening to stage.addEventListener (Event.RESIZE, stage_onResize);, since I thought there might be a chance that things were not showing because of missing resize logic

So there are no issues with the event itself?

Not that I’m aware of

Here is a GIF of the problem. It is running this code.


The app starts and then goes into the background. When I open the control center it has a valid screenshot of the app, when I touch the app again it disappears to the background again. :S

This App was installed before I updated to IOS 11.1.1. It seems to be related to updates. I will verify it as soon as I have installed IOS 11.1.2. The problem is that I have to update Xcode as well else I cant compile for my Ipad :smiley: (and i’m lazy today so i’m not doing it)

I’ve just upgraded to IOS 11.1.2 and experienced no problems. I don’t know what is causes this though. My last thoughts on this matter is that my developer account is expired. So i’m using a free account. Free accounts have certain limitations for example you can only install 3 test apps at a time. Perhaps this or some other limitation is doing it.:S

Anyways, if somebody still has any thoughts on this then by all means share it!

Thank You!

Update: This is most definitely caused by my free apple developer account. After 1 week the app does not work anymore because the free certificate is only valid for one week. I’ve tested it thoroughly and am pretty convinced that this is the problem. So its not caused by haxe at all, any xcode build is effected!

So are you able to get another certificate and so on ? Or are the free apple developer accounts only good for one. Asking out of curiosity.

Free accounts have these limitations:

  • You can have 3 apps installed at the same time max. If you wish to add an other then you must first delete one.
  • After one week the certificate expire and you will have to reinstall the app. And yes, you can keep doing this. Just rebuild it in Xcode and reinstall it.

For basic testing - especially if you are not on a team - this is usable. It can be a pain if you have more then 3 apps you wish to test though! Or if you want to show your work to someone and the 1 week period has expired when you are on location (not near your development machine to do a reinstall).

But for an indie it’s doable! My account was paid and turned into free because I didn’t replenished it. I don’t know if you must have had a paid account prior to be able to have these free benefits though! Perhaps there is also a free account that never was paid and has even more restrictions? :S… Unsure about that.!

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