iOS multitouch problem in lastest libs

  • lime 2.6.2
  • openFL 3.3.3
  • haxe 3.2.0

I found problem or bug after update libs with target on iOS.
When I have 2 or more touches and release one of them - all touches releasing instantly.
It’s easy to test by this code:


Also same problem in HaxeFlixel if I test problem by tracing FlxG.touches (framework using same libs).
How I can fix this?


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I guess there are bugs in lime 2.6.2. I found one in lime._backend.native.NativeApplication;
touch = new Touch (touchEventInfo.x, touchEventInfo.x, … ->(must be) touch = new Touch (touchEventInfo.x, touchEventInfo.y, …

but it’s still don’t resolve problem.

I’ve just update to lime 2.6.2 / OpenFL 3.3.3 and am experiencing exactly the same problem, only seems to affect iOS :slight_smile:

Probably best to put an issue up on github.

fixed in lime 2.6.3, but must be rebuild native target libs after update.

Sorry. It was my wrong pull request but Joshua already reverted it.