iOS launchImages set up correctly but not showing

I’ve set up the project.xml as follows

<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/Default.png" width="320" height="480" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="640" height="960" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="640" height="1136" />
<!--landscape only -->
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="2208" height="1242" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/Default-Landscape.png" width="1024" height="768" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="2048" height="1536" />
<!-- portrait only -->
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="750" height="1334" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="1242" height="2208" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/Default-Portrait.png" width="768" height="1024" />
<launchImage path="assets/launchimage/[email protected]" width="1536" height="2048" />

also I’ve prepared all the correct images.

I can see the pictures in XCODE/LaunchImages but when I open the app on my phone it shows a black screen for less than a second and then it starts with the first screen of my app.

The only time I saw the launchImage was when the app was stuck and then crashed when I was launching the profiler.

If I understand right the launchImage should appear straight away when you open the app, waiting for the first content to be displayed.

Is there some settings I am missing in XCODE?