IOS Delegate in Native Extension

Hi !

I try to integrate the MFMessageComposeViewController in a custom native extension.
The controller work perfectly except for one thing… i can’t cancel or dismiss the controller when i hit cancel button or when the message is send.
There are a problem with delegate but i don’t know how to fix it.

That’s code of the native extension :
The target function is sendIMessage.

Thanks you

I think this is what you’re looking for:

This extension is using it if you want to look to an example.

Extension-ios-app-delegate allows multiple extensions to use App Delegate without overwriting each others. I strongly recommend make your extension depend on extension-ios-app-deletate.

According to autor: “I need to find a way to refer to OpenFlAppDelegate.h in the extensions that are needing this, right now I copied the file in the other extensions”.

Maybe that extension can be included in OpenFL’s official extensions repository.

Great ! Very usefull !
I’ll try this example for my next extension.
Thanks you.