iOS audio breaks after using Siri

Not a huge issue, but I noticed that if Siri is requested while your app is active (hold down the home button), any future audio will be gone until you restart the app.

It seems like maybe you would be able to catch the activate/deactivate events and manually restart music. However this still doesn’t fix any sound effects, which seem to be gone permanently.

Tested with my own app and then lightbot, a well-known app created with openFL.

Yes, I confirm the problem. The audio disappear completely until restart.
It doesn’t matter if you reload the sounds assets, stop and play again or whatever.

Probably a bug? @singmajesty

Sounds like this one:

Any solutions to make audio interruptions work?

I found this but it dose not seem to work for openfl

This fixed the issue for iOS

There’s still an issue with losing audio on iOS with an easy reproduction:

  1. Load your project with the audio on your phone turned on (audio plays correctly)
  2. Toggle the phone’s audio switch off (audio mutes, as it should)
  3. Toggle the phone’s audio switch on (audio stays muted)

grapefrukt’s audio extension still solves this problem, but it seems like a serious bug that should be addressed in the OpenFL/Lime level, not with an extension.