iOS: armv7 architecture is deprecated

I’m trying to run the following command with Lime 8.0.1 and OpenFL 9.2.1 on macOS Ventura 13.2.1:

lime build ios

However, I get the following error:

error: The armv7 architecture is deprecated. You should update your ARCHS build setting to remove the armv7 architecture. (in target ‘Build Haxe’ from project ‘HelloWorld’)

I discovered that I need to add the -arm64 option to force it to build for arm64 only, and skip armv7.

lime build ios -arm64

Note: This will be fixed in a future Lime update. However, in the meantime, I just wanted to have this error documented in search engines, in case anyone else runs into the same issue.


Thanks for posting. I ran into this same issue the other day and resolved it by adding:

<architecture exclude="armv7" if="ios" />

to the project.xml file

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Another good workaround. Thanks for sharing!