IOS App stops rendering after making in app purchase

I having this issues where once I buy or try to buy an item the app stops rendering. But I can see by the debug traces and by the sounds that everything its still running… although the graphics don’t change… I can change to a different screen of the game and click “invisible” buttons in this other screen, although the graphics I see are still the ones from the first screen where it all froze.
I hope this makes sense… because it’s a really strange issue so a bit hard to describe.

I am using this extension for IAP
Haxelib 3.2.0
openfl 3.3.9

Any idea what can be causing this and how to fix it?

Which version of extension-iap do you have ?

The latest, 1.2.0
Oh and so far I had no issues with the android version but I am compiling in a different computer so may have different versions, I can check though.

I had issue on ios with 1.1.0 version of it.
Apple change something that has broken something into this extension…
1.2.0 work fine for me.

Are you using the latest xcode?
And el capitan?

This extension used to work for me before I updated.

I use Xcode 7.1 but Yosemite.
The issue appeared two weeks ago.