iOS 10.x.x and Tilemap

Hi everyone! I’m having an issue running my project in an iPad 4th gen with iOS 10.3.3. Everything but the Tiles is showing, the tiles appear only a black square instead. I’ve tested on an iphone 7 with iOS 12 and works fine. Also tried on android and HTML5 and everything seems ok.

The texture is a PNG (4690 x 2560) with alpha channel, I’ve tried a JPG without sucess. Maybe the texture size? The BunnyMark sample works fine with “use_tilemap” flag…

There is only one Tilemap with the same dimensions of Stage.
Here is the code used to load the BitmapData:

    var bmpData:BitmapData = Assets.getBitmapData("assets/images/tile_sheet.png");
	var scaledW:Float = Scaler.scaleX(4690);
	var scaledH:Float = Scaler.scaleY(2560);
	var scaledBmpData = new BitmapData(,, true, 0x00000000);
	var matrix:Matrix = new Matrix();
	matrix.scale(scaledW / 4690, scaledH / 2560);
	scaledBmpData.draw(bmpData, matrix);
	tileset = new Tileset(scaledBmpData);

	MAIN_MENU = tileset.addRect(new Rectangle(0, 0, Scaler.scaleX(1440), Scaler.scaleY(2560)));
	CARDS = [];
	var offsetX:Float = Scaler.scaleX(1440);
	var cardW:Float = Scaler.scaleX(250);
	var cardH:Float = Scaler.scaleY(357);
	for (i in 0...57) 
		var x:Float = offsetX + cardW * % 13);
		var y:Float = cardH * / 13);
		CARDS.push(tileset.addRect(new Rectangle(x, y, cardW, cardH)));
	INDICATOR = tileset.addRect(new Rectangle(Scaler.scaleX(2690), Scaler.scaleY(1429), Scaler.scaleX(122), Scaler.scaleY(140)));
	BTN_GREEN_DOWN = tileset.addRect(new Rectangle(Scaler.scaleX(1440), Scaler.scaleY(1785), Scaler.scaleX(839), Scaler.scaleY(209)));

Thank you in advance.

Does it work if you use bmpData, and don’t use scaledBmpData?

Does it work if you use scaledBmpData, but reduce the size dramatically?


Yes, if I reduce the texture by a fourth (was my first test, I really don’t know the maximum size that works), it does work. Seems to be a texture size limitation. Any suggestion on how to solve this? This only happens on iOS 10…

I think the texture size limit is 4096x4096 on the majority of recent mobile devices.
You might even want to stay below 2048x2048 since some Android devices don’t support higher sizes.

Thank you for the responses. I think break the texture in smaller ones is one viable solution. I posted only because I’m curious why it runs flawless in many devices/targets but in iOS 10.

It shouldn’t be related to the operating system version, but the native resolution of the device.
Some iOS devices have “retina support” enabled by default, which doubles the final resolution.

Exactly! Also related to the OpenGL version and its implementation. In my case I realized that the resolution of the iPad 4 is even bigger than that I setted as my target (1440 x 2560), so the scaler performed an upscale. I will break the texture in chunks and case solved! (y)

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