Introducing STAR SURVEYOR--Discover a foreign planet and observe the lives of its inhabitants

Hello! My name’s Taylor Anderson. I’ve been making a game called Star Surveyor with OpenFL and HaxePunk so I thought I’d post it on here to show you guys :slight_smile:

Star Surveyor is an exploration game about interacting with and observing a diverse ecosystem without harming that ecosystem. There is no killing in this game. Instead you can feed frogs, ride dinosaurs, and swim in underground pools—all in an attempt to learn more about the planet you’ve landed on, and its inhabitants.

The gameplay revolves around scanning creatures and collecting data. By getting close to creatures and using your scanner on them, you can collect data about them and use that data to gain new tools to allow deeper exploration into the planet you’ve landed on.

If you think this game looks cool its on Greenlight right now and I would really appreciate an upvote!


Hey again,

Just wanted to share the exciting news that Star Surveyor was covered by Rock Paper Shotgun :open_mouth: !

Also: the demo for the game will be coming out on Wednesday, so get pumped for that!!

Here’s my upvote !

Good luck =D

It seems pretty eco-friendly ^^

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